Castrol Breeding Barn

Because Castrol only keeps a small number of horses on stock, each individual must represent the best of his or her breed. We make an effort to make sure that all of our stallions and mares have a show record as well as applicable inspections on hand before being listed in the breeding shed. We do have some pretty high expectations of our horses, and we hope that you as a customer will appreciate those and keep those same high quality standards when considering your mare or stud of choice and in the raising of the offspring.

Breeding Policies

At this time Castrol will only be offering our stallion's breeding services through the Upper Equine Syndication, coming soon.

Breeding Stallions

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2002 1.70m Oldenburg Stallion
Baloubet du Rouet / Continue / Domino
Competing in 1.6m/5'3 Level Stadium Jumping

Birmingham has already made an impression on the breeding scene in Upper Level. With three foals on the ground and in competition, including the #1 Yearling FEH, he has shown that his offspring not only inherit his gorgeous looks but also that they take on his competitive spirit.

We have brought Birmingham to all-sim to build an international exhibition record for him. With his many talents and great suppleness and workability, we are sure that he will be an outstanding addition to Castrol's competitive string this Fall.

Birmingham's stud book is closed for the remainder of the 2015-2016 season. He may stand again at the end of the 2016 season for late 2017 foalings.

Breeding Mares

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Fanfiction*** Elite

2001 1.68m Oldenburg Mare
Lord Pezi / Sevillano / Grundstein
Retired from 1.3m/4'3 Level Jumping

A strong stadium jumper with talent to spare, Fanfiction is now proving her qualities as a breeding mare. Already her filly Facade is impressing trainers and judges alike, and we look forward to many more foals from this beautiful mare in the near future.

Fanfiction has been confirmed in foal to Iron River for 2015. We are hoping for a beautiful grey filly or colt, but mother nature never lets you know until the very end!

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Beatris LVA**

2001 1.70m Latvian Warmblood Mare
Debesskrapis / Drink All Night / Corazzo
Retired from 1.6m/5'3 Level Jumping

An amazing competitor that has led Castrol's Stadium Jumping team since she was purchased from Global Horse Sales. This high quality mare is a steady jumper that never lets us down. Her rider Edward Johnston is always happy to go as far as Beatris will let him, and she gives right back.

Sadly an injury in early 2014 is not healing correctly. While Beatris is still ready to jump, we fear that a full time competition schedule could cause irreversible damage, so we aren't going to risk it. She will now be contributing her excellent genetics (as she already was via embryo transfer) to our breeding string.

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Pretense*** Elite

2002 1.68m Oldenburg Mare
Contendro / Larinero / Shagya XXXIX
Retired from Advanced Level Eventing

Pretense is Castrol's first certified ELITE breeding mare!

This beautiful mare by Contendro has shown her quality to Castrol both in the show ring and now as a breeding mare. Retired from Advanced Level Eventing, Pretense's first foal is already a success for Castrol and we look forward to many more.

With her gentle and calm nature, Pretense also makes a great teaching horse for our youngest riders. Her previous experience in the ring is not lost on our youth as they try to gain confidence with a horse that is more interested in lounging about the barn than throwing them over a hurdle.

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Hey Jude*

2002 1.63m Thoroughbred Mare
Sorry Sam I Am / Only Right / Wig Out
Retired from Preliminary Level Eventing

Hey Jude has been a pleasure to work with, and has been with Castrol since our very beginning. She is very competitive with Everette, and we are glad to be retiring her to our broodmare string. This successful competitor is sure to make some outstanding foals for us, and we hope her impressive scores and jumping abilities will pass onto Castrol's next generation.

When choosing which stallion to breed to Jude for 2015, we were hesitant at first to use Iron River because he already has quiet a bit of Thoroughbred influence on his pedigree. However, after looking at both horses and their faults and strengths to compensate, the decision was made to go ahead with the breeding. Jude has been confirmed in foal and will be expecting another champion this coming spring!

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Utsiktens Nikwina

2002 1.60m Swedish Warmblood Mare
Miloos Nicaros / Tremullas Apple Dew / Robin Z
Retired from 1.5m Stadium Jumping

Nikwina was purchased from her breeder back in 2012, and has faithfully served Castrol's competition string since that time. A high quality mare that has already earned a Klass I in Sweden. Great can-do attitude and natural jumping ability that served her well in the show ring.

After an outstanding show career Nikwina has been retired from competition to join our broodmare string. We are hoping for some fantastic foals that will carry on her superb pedigree.

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2002 1.68m Oldenburg Mare
Atlantis / Comet / Horus
Retired from 1.5m Stadium Jumping

After a successful career as a stadium jumper under both an open and junior riders, Antiga has now joined Castrol's breeding string as a retired competitor. With her first foal on the ground and already proving Antiga's ability to pass on her natural athletic skills, her breeding career is off to an excellent start.

We will be looking forward to future stadium jumping stars from Antiga and her sister mares here at Castrol. Until then, our stable hands are always happy to have the beautiful and friendly mare in their presence.

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2002 1.67m Oldenburg Mare
Underworld / Erlkönig / Sphinx
Retired from 1.6m Stadium Jumping

Recently retired from Castrol's stadium jumping string, Ugada is bringing her great mind, calm demeanor and wonderful breeding to our broodmare string.

More comments coming soon.

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CI Chantey

2005 1.68m Swedish Warmblood Mare
W. Connaisseur 1189 / Bequrel / Indus
Retired from Third Level Dressage

From one of our favorite international sires, Chantey is a wonderful mare to work with. Outstanding gait quality, great work ethic and a natural suppleness are all traits that make her an outstanding mare to work with. Very natural movements and a lot of ability.

We want to continue on Chantey's wonderful abilities in teh ring to our next generation of superstars. Her first foal in 2015 will be a beatiful one, we're sure, and we hope will follow in the footsteps of its ancestors with great success in the ring.

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The Plot Thickens**

2000 1.63m Thoroughbred Mare
Chilly Ice / Good News Joe / Trufeiro
Retired from Advanced Level Eventing

A retired mare from Castrol's competitive eventing string, The Plot Thickens** never let us down with her ability to continually improve and impress. An olympic quality pedigree and an impressive show career to back it up, we are looking forward to seeing Plot's first foals on the ground.