Castrol Offices and Records...

Our Facilities

The Castrol facilities are both beautiful and functional. Because we keep a smaller number of animals, we know that each and every one has more than enough room to move about.

We don't have the cobblestone driveways that our competition may have, but what we do have is wide spaces, beautiful trails, and more. Go take a look at our facilities.



Our premier facility is enjoy not only by our active competitors and breeding animals, but also by those horses that have retired permanently with special love and care.

Visit our retirees here and make sure to bring a cookie.

Our Retirees

Meet The Staff

Our staff make up an irreplaceable part of the Castrol equation. Each rider works on a specific mount or two, training with the horse for the team as a whole to excel.

To read their personal profile, and to learn which rider goes to which horse, visit the staff page now.

Our Riders

Information on Castrol

We do try to maintain some level of organization around this place. If you're looking for information on a horse we've bought or sold, this is also a great place to start.

We also try to keep track of international levels we use and show at. So, if you need to peek through our paperwork, take a look at our records and information page.

Our Records