Castrol Retirement Fields

In some ways, it is the retired horse that has the best life here at Castrol. With the same high quality care and supervision given to our most active competitors, the retirees have none of the responsibilities and are allowed to just be horses. Our retired stallions are given companion animals and housed in neighboring pastures to retired geldings, to give them the companionship they crave in their grey years. Meanwhile retired mares may stay with the broodmare pasture, but with extra care to watch for their senior status.

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Iron River*****

2002 1.70m Oldenburg Stallion
Retired from Advanced Level Eventing
Ideal / Riverman / Cor Noir

Castrol's first ***** stallion. He has gained recognition internationally with multiple top ratings at every inspection he has attended, and wonderful success as a competitor. His offspring are now competing and showing their own worth on the international stage. Sire to three Special Premium mares and two Approved Stallions, this young sire has already put his mark in the sim halls of fame for his high quality offspring that pass on his good qualities to offspring of their own.