Iron River*****

Iron River


1998 1.70m Grey Oldenburg Stallion
Competing in 1.3m/Advanced/FEI**** Level Eventing
Ridden by Edgar Hodges

We were waiting anxiously for the day that the beautiful grey colt would arrive. We had heard from the shippers in the morning that they were three hours out, with good traffic. Of course, with Oregon's famous road construction, they were fourty-five minutes behind that schedule, but they finally arrived. As they pulled in the drive, a few of the curious mares in the pasture came up, calling to the mystery horse inside the trailer. He could barely be contained as he strode boldly out of the enclosed trailer, nickering and calling for the mares. His handler breathed a sigh of relief when he was finally in his run, and could strut off the lead.

Iron River's career with Castrol began with a short but successful season in 2010. He started in the Preliminary Level in Northumberland's Trisports Federation, bringing home 10 points in his first two outings with a 7th and 3rd place. Since that time, he has gone on to compete with Castrol for five years under saddle and a sixth in hand, earning him a number of titles up to FEI****.

IR is an ideal sport horse in every way, but one. His early days were riddled with off days due to his poor temperament. We are glad to say that with additional time and training, he is a much calmer and safer horse to work with. The problem has never been the working him in the ring - he loves to show off and is eager to let everyone, judges included, know just how good he can be. But to get a horse in a show ring you have to take him out of his paddolk, into a trailer, out of the trailer, into the show stall, out of the show stall, and then walk him to the ring. These areas were as dangerous as shark infested waters with a chumsicle as your only lifeboat.

In the breeding barn, Iron River has at every turn exceeded our expectations. While a few of his offspring can have his hot temperament, carefully chosen mares have ensured that all are capable of concentrating on the task at hand and showing that their natural athleticism is more than enough for their sport. Iron River's colt Idolatrous is looking to follow in his hoofprints, already earning high marks at his own Stallion Performance Test and with his first First Premium foals on the ground.

Announcement: Iron River's accolades and breeding success have earned him a ***** rating. We thank his handlers and rider team for bringing this amazing sire to this level, and for the riders, trainers and handlers of his offspring that have earned him this incredible honor!

Allsim Pedigree Database Registered
Allsim Dressage Association Registered
Allsim Eventing Association Registered
Allsim Jumping Association Registered
Sport Horse Association Registered

Sim Sporthorses International - Permanently Licensed Stallion


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Compete Show Results


ULWS Foal Inspection Scored July 2013
Overall Impression

First Premium
09/10 p.
08/10 p.
09/10 p.
08/10 p.
09/10 p.

43/50 p.

ULWS Stallion Inspection Scored October 2013
Correctness of Gaits
Free Jumping
Overall Impression/Development

Approved - Temp. License
09/10 p.
09/10 p.
07/10 p.
07/10 p.
07/10 p.
08/10 p.
10/10 p.
09/10 p.

66/80 p.

ULWS Performance Test Scored Nov 2013
Overall: 102.21 || DR: 91.68 || JU: 123.84 || XC: 108.29

Approved - Fully Approved

Additional Inspection Results: A @ SAI, Diploma @ UAR


U Iconic
Special Premium, ** 2005 Grey Oldenburg Mare
Out of G Premium Mare Utsiktens Dryg Z
Competing in 1.2m/Intermediate Level Eventing

Siron SAND**
Special Premium, ** 2007 Bay Swedish Warmblood Mare
Out of Diploma Rated Mare Sonja SAND
Dressage Prospect

U Imperior*
First Premium * 2007 Bay Oldenburg Stallion
Out of AB Premium Mare U Nymphadora Tonks
Competing in 1.2m/Intermediate Level Eventing

First Premium, ** 2008 Bay Oldenburg Stallion
Out of G Premium, ** Mare Beatris LVA
Competing in 1.4m/4'7 Stadium Jumping

U Intrigue*
Special Premium, * 2008 Dark Bay Oldenburg Mare
Out of B Premium Mare Utsiktens Misery
Competing in 1.0m/Training Level Eventing

Isolde C*
Special Premium, * 2009 Bay Oldenburg Mare
Out of GII Premium Mare Utsiktens Nice Enough
Competing in Novice Level Eventing

First Premium 2009 Grey Oldenburg Gelding
Out of Class I Mare Oceanborn's Trump Card
Competing in Training Level Dressage

First Premium 2012 Bay Oldenburg Gelding
Out of Elite, *** Mare Pretense
Competing in Novice Level Eventing

Instance C
First Premium 2013 Grey Oldenburg Mare
Out of GII Premium Mare Utsiktens Nice Enough
Eventing/Stadium Jumping Prospect

Wildberrys Infinite Illusion
Uninspected 2013 Grey Oldenburg Stallion
Out of Diploma Rated Mare Svartb�cks Poison Ivy
Eventing/Stadium Jumping Prospect

Ischette C
First Premium 2012 Bay Mare
Out of Elite, *** Mare Fanfiction
Stadium Jumping Prospect

Uninspected 2016 Bay Stallion
Out of Klass I Mare Utsiktens Nikwina
Eventing/Stadium Jumping Prospect

Iridescent C
First Premium 2016 Bay Mare
Out of A Rated Mare Hey Jude
Eventing Prospect

Ivoire C
Uninspected 2016 Bay Mare
Out of Special Premium, ** Mare Antiga
Eventing Prospect

Breeding Assessments

Iron River
SISF 50-01-01
Stamtavla 06.10%
- varav Bed�mningar 00.00%
- varav Premieringar 00.00%
- varav Meriter 00.00%
Meriter 43.90%
Syskonkvalitet 06.10%
- varav Bed�mning 00.00%
- varav Premiering 00.00%
- varav Utbildning 00.00%
Exteri�rbed�mning 43.90%
Summa: 28.67/100%
Blev bed�md som: H
Slutsats: Kan anv�ndas i avel

SISF�s Bed�mningsstation Domare: Thestral [12/10-12]
Iron River
Oldenburg, stallion
Judge: Vargafrost [22/10-14]
SISF�s Bed�mningsstation
Antal meriter:
Antal avkommor:


137 p.


Ideal began winning as soon as he was able - branded Premium foal at the Oldenburg Verband Inspections. He continued this success by being selected for exportation to the US, and by being chosen by the International Sporthorse Registery, the International Arabian Horse Association, the Facteur Selle Francais, RSPI, and the German Oldenburg Verband as a breeding sire. His offspring have recieved record scores at inspections, and he hisself is one of only a few four star stallions with the Oldenburg Verband.

River Girl was a beautiful bay mare that earned the Reserve Champion status at the East Coast ISR/OLD Championship in 1998. She is the dam to the highest scoring mare in the ISR/Oldenburg N.A. (Irresistable), and is a Premium status mare with the ISR. A truley exceptional mare with a lot to offer for her offspring, with her large stride, beautiful grace and flashy movement.


Grey 1.67m Oldenburg
Premium, *****

Grey Oldenburg

Grey Anglo Arabian

Grey Anglo Arabian


Chestnut 1.70m Selle Francais

River Girl


Grey 1.64m Holsteiner

Bay Holsteiner
Alexis III

Brown 1.70m Holsteiner
Cor Amie

Cor Noir

Black Holsteiner

Premium, ***