Castrol Facilities

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Castrol is situated in the beautiful country in Oregon, USA. We are situated on 30 acres in the Willamette Valley, with miles of trails to enjoy and wildlife all around us. We are very selective in our breeding choices and yet we have a state-of-the-art breeding facility that we also offer to the public for a fee.

The Barns

There are three barns on the Castrol property. Each features state-of-the-art equipment. Our horse's comfort is always of highest interest. Floors in each of our barns are brick flooring with a gentle slope for drainage to underground pits which are then pumped to the fields.

Stalls are padded with rubber matting and quality clean bedding over that. Each stall has an outside run they have all-day access to, as well as a connected pasture where horses are adequately roated throughout the day. Stall dividers can also be unbolted to allow bonded horses more interaction even while they are in stall time.

Main Barn

Our Main Barn was the first barn build on the Castrol grounds. It houses most of our competition horses as well as our boarders (except stallions). Since it is usually the fullest barn, we positioned it closest to the main parking lot and competition rings to make suiting up for class even easier.

  • Twenty 16ft x 16ft stalls, 16ft x 32ft runs
  • Tack and Feed Rooms
  • Rider's Lounge
  • Wash Rack
  • Grooming Stall (with infared dryer)
  • Castrol's Main Office
  • Songbird, 2009 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Ballet, 2010 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Aerotica, 2008 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Delena, 2010 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Isolde C, 2009 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Seraphina, 2006 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)

The Green Barn

The Green Barn is still under construction, but is being built to house the stud colts and the young geldings that have not yet learned that they are no longer stud colts. The Green Barn will soon be completed with grooming stalls and wash rack, for now it's a work in progress and we walk the young boys over to the nearby stallion barn for bathing.

  • Ten 16ft x 16ft stalls, 16ft x 32ft runs
  • Bravado, 2010 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Likewise, 2010 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Fortitude, 2012 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Isos, 2010 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Fürst Glance, 2013 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)

Stallion Barn

Our Stallion Barn is a gorgeous facility unto itself. With a Breeding Lab and Ring both attached to the Stallion Barn building, it serves our breeding needs no matter if they are live cover or collecting semen for AI. The stalls are airy and large, with large runs and attached pastures for rotating stallions on that want to stretch their legs.

  • Twelve 18ft x 18ft stalls, 18ft x 36ft runs
  • State of the Art Breeding Lab
  • Breeding Ring nearby for live cover
  • Wash Rack
  • Grooming Stall (with infared dryer)
  • Birmingham, 2005 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Iron River, 2005 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Utsik. Man In Black, 2006 Swedish Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Idolatrous, 2009 Oldenburg Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Minuet Blue Moon, 2009 German Riding Pony Stallion (o: Castrol)
  • Arcane, 2009 Westphalian Stallion (o: Castrol)

Mare Barn

Our mare barn not only houses our brood mares and weanling and most of our yearling foals, but also our aged competition mares when space is available. With the largest stalls on the grounds, these stalls are large enough to almost fit two adult horses, and give our pampered ladies a quiet, peaceful setting to stretch their legs in. The yearling fillies are housed in pairs together for companionship and are turned out as a group.

  • Fifteen 24ft x 24ft foaling stalls, 24ft x 36ft runs
  • Washing Rack
  • Grooming Stall (with infared dryer)
  • Tack and Feed Rooms
  • Grooming Stall (with infared heater)
  • Utsik. Nice Enough, 2000 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Utsik. Made Up, 2004 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Utsik. Easy Enough, 2005 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Utsik. Expense, 2006 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Beatris LVA, 2001 Latvian Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Utsiktens Nikwina, 2002 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Wingsjö Congarie, 2005 Danish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Utsik. Gazzetta, 2007 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • CI Chantey, 2005 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Utsik. Trevor, 2008 Swedish Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Bouquet, 2012 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Baddely, 2012 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)
  • Antiga, 2004 Oldenburg Mare (o: Castrol)

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Riding Areas

We also have some beautiful comeptition grounds here at Castrol. We have done our best to make our arenas and courses safe for horse and rider, challenging to complete yet easy to navigate, and pleasing to the eye. The climate in the Willamette Valley makes growing beautiful native flora easy and we always have some garden or another blooming.

In addition to housing wonderful competitions, the large indoor also serve as, you guessed it, housing! Along the flank of the building are eight built-in cozy apartments. These serve as extra staff housing for our staff that live on-site, as well as housing for our guests staying over for multi-day events.

Our cross country courses have been professionally designed to offer a challenging experience for all our competitors, complete with water obstacles and some beautiful scenery to enjoy while your're galloping the straightway.

Both of our arenas have German Geotextile footing (a mixture of fibers and sand blends), considered the best footing on the market. We are happy and have found it a safe but still fast footing that allows our athletes and our competitors to really shine.


  • Large Indoor Arena
    Where we house training, inspections, and mid-level events, as well as our primary training ring.
  • Olympic Sized Indoor Arena
    This is where our upper-level Dressage and Stadium Jumping rounds are held, as well as where we showcase our winners at each event.

Cross Country Courses

More details coming soon.