The Plot Thickens**

The Plot Thickens


2000 1.63m Bay Thoroughbred Mare
Competing in 1.3m/Advanced/FEI*** Level Eventing
Ridden by Ryan Reyn

Aptly named, before we even knew it. "This horse will never compete" was the words from her previous trainer. What they didn't know is her attitude at home would make her an even better competitor. She's a very hot mare, but we hope that she will calm somewhat with age. Meanwhile that fire is pushing her to better times and clearer jumps than we could imagine.

Every trainer hopes to find that horse - the one that will take them to the stars and beyond. For Castrol, Plot seems to be that horse. We are really looking forward to her finishing the 2010 year strong in Training, and she will be ready without doubt to move up to the Preliminary Level in 2011. She seems bored at this level, and is having no troubles schooling at Preliminary and still making time and score

While she may be a treasure in the competition ring, we can't say that about her demeanor at home while in training. We know why she was passed over - she's difficult to groom, to tack, and to warm up. Once she knows her job, she's set on doing it, but you're in for a wild ride in the mean time. It's not that she's a difficult horse or that she tries to be mean, but simply that she was bred to compete, and getting lazy in a stall or pasture is no way for a competition horse to be - they get a bit cranky. We only hope that as her fitness continues to improve, she will begin to see each day as an opportunity to do what she loves best - win!

This just in: another inspection and another judge that is really impressed with this mare. Tessa even found the mare to have 10/10 Movement, a score that is so important for Thoroughbred mares aiming at Warmblood approval!

With Plot's aging she has calmed down quiet a bit, yet maintains a bit of a fire for even her favorite people. As she enters her retirement and breeding years, we hope that a calmer lifestyle away from competition will nurture this gradual change to a more manageable "pet"!

Allsim Pedigree Database Registered
Allsim Eventing Association Registered
Allsim Jumping Association Registered
Sport Horse Association Registered


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1st KO-Springprüfung Klasse S* - Schalinger ...
3rd Castrol Invitational CCI**** (140m-160m)...
1st Schwer Level Eventing (120m) - SSI Fall ...
1st CNC*** Eventing - Sandåkers Novembe...
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Compete Show Results


The Plot Thickens
Thoroughbred, mare
Judge: Tessa [06/04-12]
Southern Acres Inc Evaluations
Suitability for Breeding
Show Record
Suitability for Discipline

A Rated
9/10 p.
9/10 p.
9/10 p.
10/10 p.
10/10 p.

47/50 p.

The Plot Thickens
Thoroughbred, sto
Judge: Kmlnt [16/9-10]
Utsiktens & Aou Ricas RBT-C
Ras- & könstyp / Race & Type
Extremiteter / Limbs
Rörelsemekanik, skritt / Walk
Rörelsemekanik, trav / Trot

Klass I / Class I
8/10 p.
8/10 p.
8/10 p.
9/10 p.
7/10 p.

40/50 p.

SSI Mare Performance Test Scored September 2014


29/40 p.
25/30 p.
08/10 p.
08/10 p.
09/10 p.

28/30 p.
14/15 p.
14/15 p.

92/100 p.


The dam is by a son of Good Twist, also sire to Gem Twist (1990 World's Best Horse at WEGs, two-time olympic medalist in jumping) and Nascency (dam of V'Tropez). Good Twist hisself was an avid enthusiast for the medals - winning 21 classes with USET.

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