U Mistrael*

U Mistrael


2006 1.66m Dark Bay Swedish Warmblood Mare
Competing in Intermediare I Level Dressage
Ridden by Anne Howard

An outstanding young dressage mount with a pedigree to really love. Mistrael has a great working attitude, smooth gaits and a beautiful piaffe already at a young age. Her training has come along very well, and Edgar is pleased to have such a willing mount to work with.

Jean St. Claire, Castrol's primary trainer, really thinks this mare has talent that will exceed even her incredible breeding. "She just loves what she does, and she gets better every day".

Allsim Pedigree Database Registered
Allsim Dressage Association Registered
Sport Horse Association Registered

Sim Sporthorses International - Main Stud Book Mare


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Compete Show Results


SSI Foal Inspection Scored December 2014
Overall Impression

First Premium
09/10 p.
08/10 p.
07/10 p.
08/10 p.
08/10 p.

40/50 p.

SSI Mare Inspection Scored December 2015
Correctness of Gaits
Willingness to Work
Overall Impression

First Premium (MSB)
09/10 p.
07/10 p.
07/10 p.
09/10 p.
08/10 p.

40/50 p.

SAND Inspection Scored December 2015
Breed and Gender Type
Head, Neck, Body
Limbs and Movement Regularity
Movement Mechanics (Walk)
Movement Mechanics (Trot)

Klass I
08/10 p.
08/10 p.
09/10 p.
07/10 p.
07/10 p.

39/50 p.


Utsiktens Man In Black has been one of Castrol's most successful Dressage competitors. A young stallion only just starting his breeding career, we are looking forward to him continuing his impressive pedigree into Castrol's next generation.

An Elite mare with an outstanding show record and a progeny record that is impressive indeed. Of her fifteen foals, no less than ten have been awarded Diploma rating (highest honor at foal inspections in Sweden), and two have already gained their B Premium status as adults. We are so happy to have a part of this incredible bloodline here at Castrol!

Utsiktens Man In Black

Brown 1.66m Swedish Wmbld
Diploma, *
Oceanborns Aerial Ace

Black 1.66m Hanoverian
Diploma, Elite
Don Laurie

Chest Sab 1.68m Hanoverian

Brown Hanoverian
Skörbys Valentina

Brown 1.68m Swedish Warmblood
Diploma, AB Premium
Kourus Bork

Swedish Warmblood
Class I, G Premium
Skörbys Valencia

Class I
Luna's Madame Homais

Brown 1.70m Swedish Warmblood
Diploma, Elite

Dark Bay 1.75m Dutch Wmbld
Diplom, A Premium


Luna's Madame Bovary

Bay 1.68m Swedish Warmblood
Class I, A Premium
Sunstones Vitali

Wikens Zonette